Trump to Venezuela: We stand by your side

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US President Donald Trump has appealed directly to the Venezuela military to abandon their support for President Nicolás Maduro, and support the interim president Mr Guaidó.

In a recent public speech in Miami, the president warned that the “world is watching” those that are in supporting of Nicolás Maduro. He further stated that any attempt to support or breach the progress of Mr Guaidó is a risk to the future and life of Venezuelans.

Nicolás Maduro has since refused to step down as president despite international pressure and has remained in power forcefully with the help of top allies in government including the Venezuela military.

President Donald Trump speech represents a further attempt to persuade officials to switch loyalty to opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

Mr. Maduro has criticised outside influence in the country’s internal affairs. He has also maintained the support of his military and several key allies.

    Venezuela’s state internet provider has blocked a webpage where volunteers have been signing up to help bring humanitarian aid into the country

    The government says it will stage a concert on the Colombian border at the weekend to rival a similar event – on the other side of the frontier – organised by UK businessman Richard Branson in support of the opposition’s aid effort.

President Trump encourage Venezuela to stay strong and for them to be aware that the united states stands firmly by their side.


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