Femi fani-kayode, Ben Murray-Bruce and others accuses tinubu of promoting murderous scum against Igbos in Lagos

Femi kayode one of Nigeria’s most recognised politician and political activist has accused tinubu of master minding the Igbophobia taking place recently in lagos.

The trend which was sparked by a movement of some yorubas who have took to the street rioting for the mass relocation of igbos residing in lagos.

So many major political analyst and politician have condemned the trend and called it an act of violence.

The statement which was made this afternoon on is twitter handle;

“These attacks are not done for and on behalf of the Yoruba: they are done for and on behalf of Tinubu”

So many other individuals have also took to social media condenming the violence and hate movement towards the igbos.

Ben Murray bruce alsi took to his twitter handle to condenming the protest and also urges Nigerians to separate the behaviour of a few people from the behaviour of the Yoruba. Look at the results of the Presidential elections. The Yoruba voted almost 50% for an Igbo VP. The Yoruba don’t hate the Igbos or anybody

The question Now is, could this be as a result of the the igbos not voting for APC in the recent election or is it a politicaly motivated movement against igbos.

With time the true reason will surface.

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