Have you seen the Smart Glass that will replace Smart Phones in 2020 [Focals by North Smart Glass Review]

Have you seen the Smart Glass that will replace Smart Phones in 2020 [Focals by North Smart Glass Review]

In a recent industry study it shows that new modern and more flexible technology will evolve and smart phones would be outdated. This will cause a transition from the present smart phones to new technologies like smart wrist watches and smart glasses like Focals by North Smart Glass.

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Hi everyone my name is Emmanuel Ikechukwu and I will be reviewing the new Focals By north smart glasses

Focals smart glasses come with a stylish design and also on customized sizes. Focal by north is the first realistic smart glass concept to be usable and available to the public for individual purchase.

Core Functionalities of Focals by North smart Glasses

Focals smart glass is one of a kind. It helps you Stay connected to the people, places and things that matter most to you, it uses the most advance AI technology to process and collect data that’s related to where you go, your friend places you have in mind to and with this data it processes and calculates the distance of your journey the amount of time you would spend to cover the distance, weather and terrain conditions of your present location.

Focals also Keeps you in touch and connected to the net 24/7. It collects live data as it happens from your favorite news and online article reader and projects it just in front of you like a 4k smart led HD television helping you to save time and energy by automating the whole process.  Can I have personal control of how focals functions? Yes you can, Focals smart glass comes with a controller which comes in a ring form and can be fitted to any of your fingers.

Focals keep you connected with friends and family throughout the day by automatically synchronizing previous and present messages from chats systems like text messaging apps, whatsapp, Facebook and many more. Using the most advance AI You can easily chat with any one on your friend list using VOICE to Text MESSAGING which is a pre built technology in focals.

Focals by North Smart Glass review
Focals Glass review

Focals is also planning to integrate skype chat system into the core functionalities of future versions, and if this happens you would communicated to any one like you are there with the person just like an Hologram

Now you are beginning to see why this device will replace smart phones very soon and in no distant time we would be communicating to friends and family like you never left them, cool right?

Focals provide intuitive navigation in your line of sight, so you can get where you need to go, without missing anything along the way. Now this is where the icing was placed on the cake; focals has pre-built in it a search feature, you can literary search for anything and any information on net using your favorite search engine.

You can also choose to light up your text with your favorite emojis on focals, and all of this features are voice activated you don’t need to type anything. Another amazing feature that this sweet device has is the feature that allows you to order for an UBER or any other preferred means of transportation.

Now am beginning to wonder why they still made this available to the public, I mean with all this features it’s supposed to be a technology meant for super heroes, spies or agents of intelligent organizations like the CIA.

Alexa anywhere!

Focals come with Alexa built-in. Alexa is a core AI technology in Focals smart glass that execute simple tasks, Example of some of which are Asking Alexa to play music, hear the news, see the weather, control your smart home and more.


Focals by North Smart Glass review

Yeah you heard me right “Alexa can be used to control your smart phone, and this simple task is carried out when your smart phone is synchronized with you focals smart glass.

This is truly a ground breaking technology! I haven’t seen anything like it before.

I seriously can’t wait to get a review unit, I wish I can be given an opportunity to review this technology and show you guys all this live on our YouTube channel.

If you seriously want North Technology Company to send me a review unit so I can share all these features live on YouTube kindly comment send Him a review unit! Guys let’s get this rolling.

Stay on top of your day!

Focals provide the information you need when you need it. Check the time and date, your calendar reminders, view weather, or pause it all with do not disturb.

Focals by North Smart Glass review

Smart Glass Function meets form

Focals integrate technology within the silhouette of a traditional eyewear frame. The result? Technology that’s there when you need it, gone when you don’t – hidden by design.

You can effortlessly interact with Focals using Loop, a 4-directional joystick that can also be pressed to click, allowing you to interact without lifting your hand.

A personal projection

Focals allow discreet and glance able access to the right information at the right time – giving you control without pulling you away.

Focals by North Smart Glass Battery Case

The included case has a built in battery that provides multiple charges while also keeping Focals safe at home or on the go.

Focals by North Smart Glass batterry case

How to purchase Focals by north smart glasses [focals by north price]

For now Focals smart glasses are not readily available for purchase at any super stores or sales outlet due to the fact that each piece of the device comes in customized sets. If you really want a focals by north smart glass you can get it by visiting North Showroom to get started.

1. Reserve your sizing appointment

Sizing appointments in Brooklyn & Toronto and Pop-Up Showrooms are available on a first come first served basis. Book now to be first in line.

2. Your Focals sizing appointment

To ensure the display is fully visible, Focals require a sizing appointment at one of our North Showrooms. During your visit, we’ll capture a 3D scan of your head so we can build you a pair of glasses that fit and function perfectly.

With the current range of sizes we produce, Focals can fit most—but not all people. Learn more

Wait while we make your pair

Once you visit a Showroom and confirm your order, we’ll use your 3D scan to build Focals just for you.

Focals Classic is now shipping! Focals Round will start shipping later this year.

3. Your Focals pick-up appointment

When Focals are ready, we’ll let you know that it’s time to book your pick-up appointment. You’ll need to return to the same Showroom where you were sized to have a licensed optician ensure they look great and work properly.

focals by north prices [focals by north review]

Focals by north smart glasses cost $600, down from the $999 the company was originally asking. Additionally, North says that you can now get Focals with prescription lenses — so those of us who have to wear glasses every day can get in on the fun.

focals by north price in india [smart glass reviews]

Focals by north smart glass would cost normally around 41,865.00 Indian Rupees, down from the too expensive 69,775.00 rupees. Now you can purchase your favourite focals custom designs for as low as 41,865.00 rupees. Order now

How to Purchase Focals by North from Amazon [focals by north amazon]

As at the time of writing this post amazon does not have any focals by north smart glass stock available. The only way to purchase the smartglass is by follow the steps mentioned above or you can order now

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