Naira marley seen smoking weed in latest instagram video

Naira marley seen smoking weed in latest instagram video: popular Nigerian pop musician naira marley who recently slipped out of the custody of the EFCC (economic crimes commission of Nigeria) seen smoking weed (hard drugs) in latest Instagram video.

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Naira marley seen smoking weed
Naira marley seen smoking weed

Many followers have commented, some are chanting and encouraging the social misbehaviour of the celebrity while others are condemning it.

Although naira may have escaped from EFCC traps but fans still warn that if he is not carefully with how he displays his personal life on social media he will surely be in for a second round of jail in custody of the EFCC.

In the latest Instagram video naira Marley was seen chanting “is it loud, this is loud”. I still don’t know what this mean but I thing his fans would be in a better position to explain the meaning of the phrase.

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