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Best Scholarships for 2.2 and Low-grade Graduates

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Everyone believes that once you graduate with a second class lower (2.2) grade, then your career has hit the rock bottom which is not true. There are still so many universities in Canada that accept second-class lower students and the best part is, there are a lot of scholarships for 2.2 graduates in Canada.

You will most likely face much competition for these scholarships, but then what really matters is how well you do in your entrance test and meeting other admission requirements. We are sure that this article will be very helpful for you to find out more about some of the best scholarships for 2.2 graduates in Canada.   

This article will provide all the necessary information on various types of scholarships in Canada and help you get admitted to top universities and colleges in Canada.

How to Get a Scholarship in Canada with a Second Class Lower Grade?

Second-class lower grades do not mean that you have no chance of getting a scholarship in Canada. Even if you are applying for some of the top-ranked universities in Canada, they still want to know about your background, abilities, achievements, interests, talents, family background, community involvement, etc.

In order to get a scholarship for 2.2 graduates, it is very important to submit an essay that answers all these questions and demonstrates your value as a person. Make sure that you start early as there are several deadlines to meet before applying for any scholarship.

It is always advisable to submit an essay first before sending any other application forms or papers. Most scholarships do not allow applicants to write essays more than once and submitting them too late can reduce your chances of getting a scholarship.

Make sure that you check your university website or guidance office to know more about how to apply for a scholarship and what kind of documents are required for different scholarships.

Also, make sure that you keep track of the deadlines so that you don’t miss any opportunities. If you find it difficult to complete your essays or need help with essay writing then do check out online essay writing services like ProWritingAid which is known for providing high-quality custom essays.

Here are some of the scholarships available for international students: Many organizations provide financial aid to qualified students who have financial difficulties in pursuing their education. 

Some of the organizations provide full funding while others offer partial funding or stipends. However, all scholarships offered by Canadian universities require a rigorous selection process in order to determine who gets a scholarship.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme

If you get selected then you get an award letter from the sponsoring organization and this is called as Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme. This scheme was initiated by the Government of Canada and aims to help talented international students achieve their academic goals in Canada. In addition to providing funding, Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme also helps international students get jobs while studying in Canada. The grant will be credited to your student account after your study has been completed. 

 University of Waterloo International Master’s and Doctoral Awards

In case you need more funds for your studies, the University of Waterloo offers various types of scholarships to assist you in accomplishing your academic goals. It provides several opportunities for both Masters and Doctoral degree programs. 

Most of the awards cover tuition fees as well as living expenses during your studies. There are also additional prizes and travel grants that can be availed if you’re going to travel outside Canada during your studies.

These awards will not only support your academic career but also enable you to grow professionally and enhance your research skills. 

If you are a post-graduate student, then University of Waterloo awards provide grants for up to 4 years for both Masters and Doctoral degrees. Moreover, they also offer different types of awards for undergraduate students in terms of bursaries, merit awards, full tuition fees scholarships, etc. 

University of Saskatchewan International Student Awards

If you want to earn a Ph.D. degree from the University of Saskatchewan, then it is possible with their financial assistance programs. There are multiple financial aid opportunities offered by the University of Saskatchewan for International students who are interested in pursuing their higher education in Canada. 

Simon Fraser University Financial Aid and Awards

This is one of the best schools in Canada, The University provides fully-funded scholarships for students who successfully gained admission to begin their degree program in the school. The award covers the student’s tuition fees, living allowance, and other academic expenses. 

Western University International Admission Scholarships

Another prestigious award is the Western University International Admission Scholarships. This scholarship allows students to receive monthly stipends, airfare, as well as other educational assistantships to study at Western University.

University of British Columbia International Admission Scholarships

This scholarship as well as the institution is among the most popular in Canada. The school is one of the oldest institutions in Canada. International students are eligible to obtain a merit-based scholarship award to study in the school. Having a great academic record, great leadership qualities, and so on, could be very important in your pursuit.

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

The University of Manitoba is another Canadian university that also provides financial aid to its students who are eligible. If it is certain that you are beginning your studies in school, then you are eligible to apply for this award. There is no separate application required for this award as well. 

Ontario Trillium Scholarship for all Canadian Universities

One of the best advantages of studying in Canada is that it offers one of the best quality educations at reasonable rates. International students also get various scholarships and bursaries from different sources which make their cost of studying here much more affordable. Some of the main sources for these scholarships include Ontario Trillium Scholarship and Bursaries which provide free education to eligible students in Ontario. It provides funds to full-time and part-time students enrolled in a registered program at Ontario’s colleges, universities, or the University of Guelph-Humber

There are several reasons why international students opt for studying in Canada. Apart from providing some of the best education systems in the world, there are other factors that encourage them to come to Canada for studies. 

This country has some of the most prestigious institutions and research centers which provide good career opportunities for international students. With their brilliant knowledge and experience, they make sure that you are exposed to all the new ideas that will help you become an excellent professional in your respective field.

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