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Top universities accepting second class lower students in Canada

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If you plan to study in Canada, you must the minimum academic and admission requirements of the university you intend to study. Students with low GPAs looking to do masters in the country will probably think it would be difficult to gain admission especially given the result of the grade they have. 

It may interest you to know that there are lots of schools in Canada that accept students with a second-class lower degree. They allow their students to gain entry with this status, even if they did not meet the usual admission requirements. 

If you intend to apply for one of these programs, make sure you check their admission requirements first before making any move. This article looks at some of the Canadian universities that accept students with a second-class lower degree. 

You will find out some of the details regarding these schools, such as location, acceptance rate, programs offered, admissions process, duration of studies, student-faculty ratio, faculty research grants, student organizations, diversity, and so on. 

There are several Canadian universities that offer courses for those who are registered with a second-class lower degree. There are many other universities that require their students to hold a bachelor’s degree before being admitted. 

Second Class Lower Grade in Canada Explained 

The Second Class Lower grade is awarded to those who failed their exams or had some kind of qualification restriction on their courses. They can either repeat the same class again or apply for another program with this classification. 

They can also transfer to another university after clearing their conditional registration or appeal for readmission to a course they had previously failed. For instance, you have obtained a BSc (Bachelor of Science) from an institute but could not perform well on your finals and received a 2nd class lower grade. 

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You could be allowed to study in Canada by taking up an undergraduate course at another university, without being required to attend classes again. These courses may vary from Bachelor’s degrees to diplomas and post-grad certificates. 

For example, if you got a 3rd class lower grade in chemistry and wish to continue your studies in Canada, you will be able to do so by applying for a BSc (Bachelor of Science) course at another university, where you will need to complete all the remaining credits required for the completion of your undergraduate degree. 

You can get information regarding how to become a graduate student from various Canadian universities by conducting an online search. Once you have completed your first year of studies at the institution, you can request readmission by filling out an application form online and giving them copies of your mark sheets and grade sheets. 


Good vs. Bad GPA for Masters in Canada 

Every student needs to be aware of the concept of a good GPA vs a bad GPA for getting into Master’s programs in Canada. While it is obvious that getting good grades helps you gain admission into any Master’s program, having bad grades does not make you lose out on your dream of studying in Canada. 

Students with low grades are usually considered borderline candidates and have very few chances of getting accepted into any program. Good GPA should not be defined as those who are consistently achieving high grades throughout their education, but rather it should be judged based on how many points above or below the required cut-off scores they score in each term and semester. 

In other words, students with poor grades are usually given second chance opportunities for better scores, while those with good grades have more opportunities for scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, grants, etc. Students who wish to get admission into master’s programs need to check their eligibility requirements carefully before applying for programs and after being admitted into a program.

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What to Do if your CGPA is Lower than Expected? 

There are many reasons why a student might end up with a lower than expected CGPA at the end of his undergraduate degree. For example, some students take time off from studies because of family commitments or problems with financial resources. 

This results in students ending up with lower than expected CGPA at the end of their bachelor’s degree. There are also students who work part-time or full-time jobs while studying for their degrees. Also, there are many other reasons why a student might end up with a lower than expected CGPA at the end of his bachelor’s degree. 

The major point to remember is that every student who wishes to apply for a master’s program needs to score well above the minimum required cut-off scores. If you fall short of this mark, then it’s best to make sure that you get more credits during your undergraduate degree so that you can make up for any poor performance during your last year of studies. 

It’s not possible to retake courses during your final year of studies so make sure that you work towards raising your grades as much as possible during your last year of studies. This will give you a chance to better your academic record and boost your chances of getting admitted into master’s programs in Canada. Other things you can do include having: 

A strong statement of Purpose

  • Professional Experiences
  • Personal skills and expertise
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Extracurricular activities
  • A good GRE


Top Universities in Canada that Accepts Second Class Lower Students

  1. University of Regina (UREGINA)
  2. Lakehead University
  3. MacEwan University (Grant MacEwan College)
  4. Niagara College
  5. King’s University College
  6. Camosun College
  7. Vancouver Community College
  8. Université du Québec Trois-Rivieres
  9. University of Lethbridge
  10. Université du Québec
  11. HEC Montréal École de Gestion
  12. Trent University
  13. Université du Québec Chicoutimi
  14. University of Winnipeg
  15. Saint Francis Xavier University
  16. Saint Mary’s University
  17. Université Laurentienne
  18. Athabasca University
  19. University of Prince Edward Island
  20. Acadia University
  21. Thompson Rivers University
  22. Université du Québec Rimouski
  23. Mount Royal University
  24. Université du Québec Outaouais
  25. Université INRS Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique
  26. Nipissing University
  27. University of Northern British Columbia
  28. Brandon University
  29. École de Technologie Supérieure
  30. Bishop’s University
  31. Mount Saint Vincent University
  32. Cape Breton University
  33. Université de Moncton
  34. The University of British Columbia (UBC)
  35. Northern Ontario School of Medicine (Laurentian University Lakehead University)
  36. Ontario Tech University
  37. Mount Allison University
  38. Royal Roads University
  39. Royal Military College of Canada
  40. Université du Québec Abitibi-Temiscamingue
  41. Trinity Western University
  42. British Columbia Institute of Technology
  43. Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
  44. University of Saskatchewan (USASK)
  45. Seneca College
  46. Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
  47. University of the Fraser Valley
  48. Saint Thomas University
  49. Concordia University of Edmonton
  50. Vancouver Island University (Malaspina)
  51. Université Saint Paul
  52. OCAD University (Ontario College of Art & Design)
  53. Kwantlen University College
  54. Bow Valley College
  55. Fanshawe College
  56. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  57. Okanagan College
  58. George Brown College
  59. Douglas College
  60. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  61. Algoma University
  62. Langara College
  63. Mohawk College
  64. Emily Carr University of Art and Design
  65. Conestoga College
  66. Algonquin College
  67. Capilano University
  68. Georgian College
  69. Humber College
  70. Centennial College Toronto
  71. Tele-Université TÉLUQ
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