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Canadian Travel Visa Application: The Easiest Visa To Canada

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Immigrating to Canada can be a little daunting for some people and stress-free for others, whichever works for you, you need to know the ways that will be less stressful and the best way to get a Canadian visa.

Why Immigrate To Canada

Canada has steadily gained momentum in getting its economy to the top and this was not done overnight. Canada has become one of the best because of the ability to use foreign nationals to grow their economy.

Not only did they do that, but they have also focused on their academic sector as international students have preferred to go there to further their education. There are factors you should consider when looking at countries to immigrate to and Canada has one of the best factors such as;

  1. Quality Education

The quality education that Canadian universities offer is a very good one, compared to other European countries, there are considerably cheapest and they can afford to give the best education.

The degrees they offer are renowned in the world and recognized by the world in the job market. They have further strengthened their educational sector by having digital pieces of equipment that help them teach and make their researches.

  1. Economy

The economy of Canada has vastly improved over the years, they have brought in investors that have helped invest in the countries economy to make it grow. Foreign nationals can decide to expand their business to Canada and be rest assured that they will not regret it.

  1. Weather

The weather in Canada is favorable to all. They have different wether zones and each comes at a particular time making it favorable for immigrants.

  1. Job Opportunities

The job opportunities in Canada is on the high side, this is because the Canadian labor force is averagely aging, therefore, they need fresh and younger people with vast experience in their job who will come into the country and help out where they can.

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These factors may have persuaded you to immigrate to Canada but the issue maybe you do not know how to go about the Canadian visa, this article will give in-depth knowledge on how to go about it.

Pathways To Immigration


There are various pathways to immigrate to Canada and knowing which is the best to go through will help go a long way in immigrating to Canada. There are ways that are usually used to immigrate for every immigrant who expresses interest in immigrating to Canada.

Express Entry

The most recommended pathway is Express Entry which has more benefits than any other method of immigrating to Canada. You must apply under this category if you meet the minimum requirements for immigration and also your profile matches with the relevant skill type of jobs available in Canada. The duration of processing time depends on your situation and there are always opportunities to ask for re-verification if there are errors or not correct details filled out.

Occupation Class

Canada’s working class requires certain workers with a good education level, while some others require a specific trade skill,   so when you choose your occupation you should take care of this fact as well.

Startup Visa

A startup visa will grant you 90 days visa with permission to stay in Canada until you raise capital or set up your business. However, there are few startup visas only granted for small businesses who intend to establish a branch or import services from abroad.

Labour Market Impact Assessment

This document helps assess whether there is a need for foreign workers and which industries would benefit from them. A labor market impact assessment helps evaluate whether foreign workers would adversely affect Canadian workers, economy, social well-being, and government revenues.

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Employer Job Offer

An employer can request an LMO by presenting his credentials, references, and how many positions need to be filled in Canada. Employers have the freedom to add extra skills or previous work experience as per their requirements.

Other Requirements

To move forward with this option, you will need to pay an application fee and show proof of Confirmation of sufficient funds; such as bank statements; Confirmation of Employment Insurance Coverage; Permanent Residence Confirmation Letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC); Birth Certificate or Permanent Resident Card; NOC letter from

Industry registration number (e.g. NCB) if applicable; Signed Offer of Employment letter (If an offer letter is provided by a recruitment agency it must be approved by the immigration authority before applying for this option). This form can be submitted online through ITA Online system and/or manually by contacting ITA Customer Service.

Family Class Sponsorship

Family class sponsorship gives permanent residency to members of your immediate family including spouse, common-law partner, dependent children under the age of 18, parents, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, dependent parents-in-law, dependent children-in-law, or any combination of these. In addition, spouses and common-law partners may apply for spousal sponsorship separately if their spouse or common-law partner does not apply for Canadian permanent residence on their own.

Business Class Sponsorship

If you are planning to open a business in Canada and require temporary foreign workers to fill essential jobs, then business class sponsorship may be for you. To qualify for business class sponsorship, you must prove that you will directly employ at least 10 full-time employees. You must also demonstrate that you have sufficient capital to establish your business in Canada and pay wages to all your employees.

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Startup Labour Market Opinions

The Government of Canada offers Labour Market Opinions (LMOs) to encourage entrepreneurship and stimulate the economy. An LMO provides advice to help an entrepreneur create a viable business plan and market strategy. It will provide details on market opportunities, how to avoid legal problems, identify additional resources available to entrepreneurs, as well general advice about launching a business in Canada.

Temporary Worker Program (TN)

This program allows international students and recent graduates who are interested in temporary work in Canada to come to Canada for up to one year while working towards obtaining permanent residence in Canada. The TN program is designed to allow individuals to gain work experience in their field while awaiting permanent residence approval. Once approved, they can then apply for permanent residence through one of the federal skilled worker programs.


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