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How to find the best student accommodation in Canada

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So you have gone through the rigorous process of applying and obtaining admission to study in Canada, and now it’s time to sort out your accommodation and housing issues. For international students finding accommodation can become very tiring considering you are new to the country.

Some schools have accommodation options for students which you may have to share with other people. There are also accommodations outside of campus, but the cost is higher compared to school dorms.  The burden of paying high accommodation prices makes many students decide to rent apartments instead of staying in dorms. 

If you do this, it will be necessary to make sure that you are renting from a reputable real estate agency or agent who will help you secure a safe and reliable home for you and your family. 

The following tips will help you get a good deal when renting a house or apartment in Canada. 

Tip 1: Choose an area with public transportation access 

It is advisable to stay in an area with easy access to public transportation such as buses and trains. In addition, some areas also have bicycle lanes and parking areas that can be utilized by those who do not own a car. If you choose to live in an area that does not have these amenities, it may take a lot of time to get to work or university every day. Therefore, consider renting an apartment that is near a bus stop or train station so that you do not have to travel far every day. 

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Tip 2: Renting from a local agency 

A local real estate agent can provide you with information about rental houses and apartments in the city or town where you want to live. Some agencies have extensive listings that they display online for their clients. If you need more help, they can arrange for you to meet with their staff members so that you can explain what you are looking for in a rental house or apartment. 

These professionals will ask you questions about your requirements and make suggestions on how to get the best deal on your home. They will then discuss the availability of properties in the area that fit your needs. You can choose from those available listings or visit different properties yourself and negotiate with the owners if you wish. 

Tip 3: Getting help from your relatives 

Sometimes, relatives may know someone who wants to rent out their home and has vacancies available. It is not necessary to live in a place where there are several families sharing the same accommodation. The property owner can then move in several members of his family at once and share the cost of rent and utilities. 

The Real Fact about Students Accommodation

In some cases, this arrangement may also mean that the homeowner gets more income since he will be splitting the costs with other people. However, it is important to check whether there are legal issues involved before entering into such an agreement. 

On-Campus Accommodations 

There are on-campus housing options for residents who live on campus at university campuses. Living on campus gives students access to shared kitchen facilities, washrooms, study areas, recreation rooms, cafeterias, etc. 

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Depending on the location of the university, these facilities may be spread across several locations or housed in a single building. Residents pay a monthly fee for living on campus and get discounts on various items such as dining halls, groceries, movie tickets, gym membership, etc. 

Off-Campus Accommodations 

Renting an apartment in a suburban or rural area off campus can provide residents with greater freedom and more opportunities to explore different lifestyles. You may want to consider moving into a less-urbanized neighborhood with larger spaces for parking and greener surroundings. Finding affordable accommodation 

Off-campus apartments are often cheaper than housing options located near schools and universities. As long as you live far enough from campus to reduce your travel time to school and classes, it can save you money in transportation costs. 

Consider finding apartments near transit stations if you will need to use public transportation for getting to work or school. It is also possible to find rentals close to urban centers if you prefer living in an urban environment. 

Rental agreements 

A rental agreement should clearly state what costs are covered by the renter and what expenses the landlord should bear. If there are unexpected repairs or services needed by the tenant, make sure that these costs are included in the agreement. Get your rental agreement in writing so that there are no questions about whether you have read it carefully or understand your rights and responsibilities. Costs can vary greatly depending on where you live and how many people live in the apartment. 

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Cheapest Places to Find Accommodation in Canada 

A bit of luck may also help you find affordable accommodation in Canada. Take advantage of being open to new experiences and getting creative when searching for places to live. With some creativity, you can easily find apartments that meet your needs without spending a fortune. 

Whether you’re renting or buying, saving money is a must when looking for housing. Low prices don’t always mean cheap accommodations. Ask your potential landlord about rent concessions or sign a multi-year lease if you know you’ll be staying in a place for a long time. 

The cheapest places to find accommodation as a student in Canada aren’t always found in major cities. Explore smaller towns, neighborhoods, and suburbs where students often end up living because of low housing costs. 

Even though most universities are located in cities, their satellite campuses often offer great educational opportunities at lower prices. Best of all, some campuses provide off-campus housing with lower rent prices than their university residences. 

Another good way to find affordable accommodation in Canada is to check online classifieds and Craigslist. Don’t rule out personal connections either. 

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