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Benefits of Studying in Canada for International Student

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Canada is always ranked as one of the best countries in the world and is presently the best country in the world that boasts a high standard of living. The country also offers high-quality education from some of the top professionals and academicians in the world. Canada is ranked among the top 3 countries in the world for studying abroad. 

There must be something unique about Canada that attracts international students from all over the world. There are numerous benefits attached to studying in the country, whether you choose to study in one of the biggest and vibrant cities or study in a small city, your experience will definitely be amazing.

Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of Studying in Canada for international students. You will also get to know why Canada is one of the major destinations for international students.

Major Benefits of Studying in Canada for International Students

  1. Quality of Education 

The educational institutions in Canada offer quality education and highly skilled teaching staff who know how to manage classes with ease. It also has excellent library facilities which make it easy for students to learn more about their coursework.

One of the main reasons why people opt for Canada as a study destination is its renowned universities and colleges which boast some of the best learning resources and classrooms. Students can enjoy all these benefits while studying in the province or city they have chosen.

Universities in Canada have state-of-the-art facilities that include computers, projectors, classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, etc. Many Canadian universities have started working with digital labs which provide quality research facilities to students who wish to conduct their research projects on computers. Canada has many public and private colleges which provide excellent learning environments for students.

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Canada has several schools that provide online learning opportunities for students who wish to work at home or prefer studying online. This helps them complete their degree without having to worry about leaving their current job or schedule.

  1. High Standard of Living

Students from around the world flock to Canada because of its modern high standard of living. Canadians are very easygoing and can blend well with any culture or race they come across. They are respectful and well-mannered people who care about health and safety and follow rules strictly. You will find a lot of foreign students from other countries than Canada at every social gathering or event they organize.

It is an international student hub where you can interact with different nationalities, practice your English language skills, explore different cultures and discover your interests. The good news is that if you choose to work after graduation, you can do so in Canada without any restrictions or visa problems.

  1. Job Opportunities 

One of the most popular reasons why international students prefer Canada as a study destination is its many job opportunities available for foreign students. As an international student, you will be given preference by employers over local candidates in case you hold a valid degree from a recognized university in Canada. Many industries offer part-time jobs for international students such as call centers, marketing agencies, fast food restaurants, hospitality industry, manufacturing companies, technology firms, hospitals, banking & finance firms, engineering companies, information related organizations, software development firms, accountancy firms, insurance companies, finance & financial services firms, fashion industry, NGOs, medical sector, etc.

  1. Affordable Education

Canada has one of the lowest tuition fees among all other countries that offer internationally recognized education programs. It also offers some of the best courses in different fields like business, medicine, law, architecture, engineering, IT, accounting, management, etc. If you have plans to pursue your education from a Canadian university, then it will not cost you much as compared to other countries where the fees for one year maybe $50,000 USD or more. There are also plenty of organizations that are actively engaged in developing global relations between universities and the business community to create greater connections between them and enhance education.

  1. Permanent Residence 

International students who complete their studies in Canada get permanent residence upon graduating from a recognized university. International students who want to stay and work in Canada after graduation need to apply for permanent residence through Express Entry System and pass all eligibility criteria set by Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada. These include: -High school graduation certificate-Graduation certificate or diploma-English language skills test (IELTS) scores (6 bands minimum)- Academic training courses certificates (if applicable)- Letter of employment. International students have the possibility of obtaining permanent residency after graduation and after getting the required work experience.

  1. Student Safety 

With an experience of around two decades, there is no doubt that Canada is one of the safest countries in the world to study in. With strict measures being implemented by the government to ensure the safety and security of international students, they feel at ease when studying in Canada. 

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When an international student attends an educational institution in Canada, he or she needs to feel comfortable and safe during their stay. So, the Canadian education system helps them with a strong academic foundation and global perspective which makes them adaptable to a changing environment. They have been ranked first among all G7 countries for innovation and knowledge creation, so it’s only fair that they should get all the perks they deserve.

  1. Multicultural Country

It is rightly said that diversity is a strength. Being a multicultural country, Canada offers diverse food, heritage, festivals, music, dance, sports, arts, culture, traditions, language, religion, values, lifestyles, landscapes, and many more. 

This vibrant country allows its students to take part in events such as Montreal World Film Festival, FOCAL International Visual Festival, Northern Soul Music Festival, Caribbean Carnival, Rifflandia Music Festival, Global Dance Gala, etc.

  1. Scholarships

Getting financial assistance and scholarships while studying in Canada is easier than you think. When you plan to study in Canada, it is always best to look for options such as scholarship programs that are available for international students. Most top universities and colleges in Canada provide full/partial tuition fee waivers for qualified students from other countries. 

In order to be eligible for these scholarships, students must fulfill certain criteria like holding a high school diploma or degree from a Canadian high school, demonstrating leadership skills, showing initiative, and participating in extra-curricular activities, etc.


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