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Affordable Universities in Canada for International Students

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Canada is home to numerous international students and this is not a surprise because the country is known for its world-class education, high standard of living, medical benefits, and security. It is among the top study destinations for international students who want to learn English, get access to excellent courses, and have affordable education.

Many international students choose to study in Canada because of its flexibility, open learning system, and top-notch teaching methods. Studying in Canada is quite affordable compared to other top countries that offer quality education. Canada’s educational system is well recognized and comparable to countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

If you are an international student looking for a cheap degree in Canada, you will be happy to know that it is quite possible to do so. Below are some affordable universities in Canada for international students. 

Cheap Universities in Canada for International Students

  1. Newfoundland and Labrador’s University

Undergraduate Tuition fee: Ranging from CAD 11,460 (~$9,035) per year

Graduate Tuition fee: from CAD 6,654 (~$5,245) per year

Newfoundland and Labrador’s University, also known as the Memorial University of Newfoundland or MUN is 

The university is known to be one of the biggest institutions in Atlantic Canada. Its tuition fee is very affordable and this is the reason for the massive influx of students from all over the world. The university enrolls international students from over 100 countries.

Tuition fees are fairly low compared to other universities and their main campus is just minutes away from downtown St. John’s. One major perk of studying at Newfoundland and Labrador’s University is that there are many different scholarship opportunities available.

  1. University of Manitoba

Undergraduate Tuition fee: from CAD 15,800 (~$12,455) per year

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Graduate tuition fee: from CAD 11,694 (~$9,220) per year

The University of Manitoba or U of M is an institution with more than 3,000 students enrolled annually, it is also one of the most popular choices for international students looking for a cheap degree in Canada. There are various scholarships available at the university which helps attract many international students.

The school offers various programs through the schools of Agriculture, Environment, Rehabilitation Science, Architecture, Art, Education, Engineering, and lots more.

  1. McGill University

Undergraduate tuition fee: from CAD 22,583 (~$17,800) per year

Graduate tuition fee: from CAD 14,328 (~$11,295) per year

Mcgill university is Known as one of the oldest universities in Canada, McGill has always been an important center of higher education in the country. There are numerous scholarship opportunities available at the university which attracts a large number of international students every year.

The school is known to have the highest grade for admission and offers over 300 programs in various faculties such as  Business & Economics; Social Sciences & Humanities; Natural Sciences & Engineering; Law; Medicine & Health Sciences.

  1. Concordia University

Undergraduate tuition fee: from CAD 19,812 (~$15,620) per year

Graduate tuition fee: from CAD 15,467 (~$12,190) per year

Concordia University is located in Montreal, Quebec, Concordia is a highly regarded institution with more than 45,000 students annually. The university has some excellent programs with courses in Art, English, Mathematics, Computer Science, Communication Studies, Philosophy, History, Music, Political Science, Environmental Studies, French, Social Work, Criminology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Genetics, Pharmacology, Physiotherapy, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Nursing and many more.

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Despite being located in the French-speaking region of Canada, Concordia University uses the English language as its primary medium of instruction. About 31% of the school students are foreigners. 

  1. University of New Brunswick 

Undergraduate tuition fee: from CAD 29,399 (~$23,175) per year

Graduate tuition fee: from CAD 29,399 (~$23,175) per year

The University of New Brunswick or UNB offers programs that have high transferrable skills and good quality for graduates in different fields of study. The institution is the oldest English language Canadian university and it is also among one of the oldest institutions in North America. It is also considered to be one of the top Universities in Canada for several reasons such as student large enrollment numbers (40,824), offering diverse program choices, and specialization areas.

Another major factor is the affordable tuition fees at UNB which allows more students to access this top-tier Canadian university. 13% of the University of New Brunswick students are said to be international students.

  1. Ryerson University

Undergraduate tuition fee: from CAD 28,633 (~$22,570) per year

Graduate tuition fee:  from CAD 23,795 (~$18,760) per year

Ryerson University is one of the leading institutions in Canada with an affordable tuition fee. This public institution has around 60 undergraduate programs and 35 graduate programs with course options such as biochemistry, music, social work, psychology, business,  career studies, kinesiology, education, music, design, theatre, drama, engineering, mathematics, art. 

Ryerson University was founded in 1948, it was initially named the Ryerson Institute of Technology before its name was changed in 1993 to Ryerson University. The community of international students in Ryerson is quite low compared to most Canadian universities. About only 5% of the school population are international students.

  1. University of Alberta 

Undergraduate tuition fee: from CAD 29,500 (~$23,255) per year

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Graduate tuition fee: from CAD 15,360 (~$12,110) per year

The University of Alberta or U of A is rated as one of the top 10 public universities in Canada by Maclean’s magazine and a research-intensive university with a strong reputation for science and engineering.


The University of Alberta is a major destination for international students because most courses offered at the U of A are only available in English, secondly because of its affordable tuition fee and the quality of education the school offers. The school has faculties in various fields such as Engineering, Law, Business, Education, Arts, Public Health and Science, Nursing, Pharmacy, Graduate Studies and lots more. U of A enrols students from 151 different countries. 

  1. University of British Columbia

Undergraduate tuition fee: from CAD 37,460 (~$29,530) per year

Graduate tuition fee: from CAD 6,516 (~$5,136) per year

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is one of the largest public universities in Canada. The school offers degrees in almost 50 different academic disciplines including fine arts, English, Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, Agriculture, Science, Business, Computer Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Linguistics, Economics, Philosophy, History, Communication, Chemistry, Sociology, Gender Studies, Music and many more.

The University is one of the oldest provincial institutions, it was established in 1908. The university is the alma mater of many popular Canadians. UBC is ranked among the top 3 universities in Canada. The university has the highest percentage of international students in Canada, with about 32% of the total student population being international students.


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